The RuptureSeal RS-2X6 - 2“ x 6“ Rectangular Seal

Product Code: 7132

A unique way of sealing a leak with ease. 

Safely seal ruptures in tanks, drums, transport vehicles and containers of any size.

The RuptureSeal is designed to provide temporary protection from leaks until the problem can be adequately addressed on a permanent basis. The RuptureSeal deploys in seconds, can last up to a maximum of 10 hours depending on the substance involved (as per the Chemical Compatibility Sheet attached) and can currently address ruptures from as small as 20mm up to 100mm diameter and tears up to 100mm in length.

RuptureSeal is ideal for:

  • Damaged vehicle fuel tanks
  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Liquid storage areas
  • Railway tankers
  • Commercial shipping

Member price (ex VAT): £84.45
Non-member price (ex VAT): £87.55