Drug Detection Kit

Product Code: 6202

DrugWipe Dual tests for 5 drugs and is the bigger brother of the UK Home Office Type Approved DrugWipe as used roadside in the UK by all 43 of our English & Welsh police forces.

Surely you want to rely on a drug screen that is actually used and trusted at the roadside in the UK?

Newly updated Drug Detection Kit with faster 5 minute read time. The faster read out time means less employee down time.

Increased sensitivity and stronger result read out lines. 

Extremely accurate and reliable drug screening kit using the latest immunochemical detection technology as used internationally by the traffic police.

Note: This is a screening device. Positive indications should be confirmed by a legally defensible urine sample sent to a workplace approved laboratory for testing. Urine testing is still the UK ‘Gold Standard’ confirmation medium because it shows that the drug MUST have been consumed and not just accidentally contaminated in saliva.

Only for sale to company addresses who have policies in place. 

Member price (ex VAT): £40.15
Non-member price (ex VAT): £43.25

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