Lab in a Bag Alpha

Product Code: 6274

This Lab-in-a-Bag is the first ever fully Home Office approved mobile screening kit available in the Uk.  It combines the Drager Drug Test 5000 with a Draeger 7510 Breathalyser and Mobile Printer to create a completely mobile test centre for both drugs and alcohol and is now approved for use in police stations and as a mobile unit in police cars across the UK. 

The real difference with the lab-in-a-bag concept when compared to other products is the fact that unlike other systems and methods, the system is entirely objective. 

Results are displayed, both for the DrugTest 5000 and the Breathalyzers on integrated LCD graphic screens as well as hard-copy printouts from the mobile printer.  The subjectivity of reading bars, comparing colours etc (all of which requires trained, experienced personnel to carry out) is removed and replaced with simple, factual and unambiguous "Pass" or "Fail" result.

A free copy of FTA Drink and Drugs Driver Card (code 4121) is included with every order

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Non-member price (ex VAT): £5,922.50

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