Dash Cam Mini 2, WW

Product Code: 7766

Featuring a wide 140-degree field of view that captures and saves important details in 1080p HD video, the car key-sized, voice-controlled Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 has you covered.

7766-short-description-image-1.jpg No grainy video here. Record 1080p HD video with a 140-degree field of view.

7766-short-description-image-2.jpg If an incident occurs, saved video will automatically upload to the secure online Vault.

7766-short-description-image-3.jpg Voice control makes everything easier with hands-free spoken commands.

7766-short-description-image-4.jpgLive View monitoring lets you check on your car remotely from your phone.

7766-short-description-image-5.jpg Parking Guard feature alerts you to incidents affecting your parked vehicle.

7766-short-description-image-6.jpgNo more having to choose. Dual USB means you can plug in your phone and dash cam.

Member price (ex VAT): £77.50
Non-member price (ex VAT): £83.33