Product Code: 4028

This new, updated Digivu has even faster processing and direct USB Support. It is also compatible with Smart Tachographs. 

Download and upload vehicle unit data simply and efficiently with this Digivu device

Note: Visionfta Software is only provided with analysis contracts, please check compatibility if not using the equipment with FTA Software. Call 03717 11 22 22 for more information

The Digivu is compatible with FTA Tachograph analysis. But the Data is not auto uploaded the files created will need to be manually uploaded to FTA using Visionfta. Optionally view and copy files in standard Windows Explorer, Apple, Linux and Android.Plug the Digivu's download key into the vehicle unit and an orange activity LED flashes. When the download is complete the LED will change to green and if an error occurs it will light up red.

Member price (ex VAT): £139.05
Non-member price (ex VAT): £141.10